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In the aftermath of natural disasters, urgent support is needed. By giving today, you are ensuring that when disasters strike, children and their families will have emergency food and water, safe shelter, counselling and other essentials.

Training for

In the third-most natural disaster-prone country in the world, one Philippines Compassion child development centre organised disaster preparedness training for all children and interested parents. You too can help children after natural disasters by donating now.

“Our goal has always been to empower each and every child,” said Marvelous, the centre director.

“Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program is designed to develop children in all areas of life," including disaster preparation. The training covered important topics such as what to do during a flood or earthquake, what types of disasters are most likely to hit, where to get help and how to administer first aid.

Children aged six to 12 were ushered inside another room for their own disaster-awareness workshop that involved games, activities and food. Nine-year-old Czarina describes the experience: “We should always be prepared because calamities can strike anytime. We should have an emergency kit at home, just in case." When asked about disaster preparedness, the little girl says the best way to prepare is “to always pray to God and trust God."

"There are just so many natural occurrences to think about,” says Nancy, her mother. “I am thankful that the child development centre is concerned with our wellbeing and constantly thinks of ways to educate us about how to better take care of our children.”