Compassion Australia Restore a Generation

“The reality is, we have lost a generation because of the impact of covid-19 on education.”

–– Handoko Ngadiman, Compassion Indonesia Country Director

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Education and poverty are linked. Distance to school, lack of infrastructure, financial costs, child marriage, child labour and more can all keep children living in poverty from school. Without education, a child is less likely to be able to support themselves in the future and so the cycle of poverty continues.

Our Child Sponsorship Program cares for children holistically, including supporting their education.

However, in times of crisis, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, more is needed than what sponsorship alone can provide.


258 million school-aged children don’t attend school.


COVID-19-related school closures in 2020 were 3 times longer in developing countries.

Emanuel Tony Marcela Amanuel Vivian


(Compassion Country Director)
(Administrative Assistant)

“My teachers at the Compassion centre encouraged me to not give up.” Not long after enrolling in higher education, disaster struck when Emanuel’s teaching course was cancelled. Yet thanks to support from his local Compassion centre and vocational training, he became a skilled welder and now both supports his whole family and teaches the trade to other youth in his community.

“God opened the door through Compassion and gave me the opportunity.” While other children played games, Tony shined shoes and sold items in the streets. But with the support of his family, the staff at the Compassion centre and his trust in God, Tony was able to attend college and graduate with a degree in systems engineering. Now he’s the National Director of Compassion Dominican Republic.

“I learned that faith, effort and studies can take you anywhere.” Marcela's parents worked hard but couldn't provide for their family. But with the work ethic Marcela learned at home and encouragement from her local Compassion centre, she was an outstanding student. She represented Bolivia in an international physics and astronomy competition and was accepted to study biomechanics in Korea on a scholarship.

“My gratitude is shown in my service to the community.” Even as a young boy, Amanuel’s talents were clear. Thanks to support from Compassion’s local church partner, he could afford to attend university and, after seven years of studying, he became a doctor. His first goal after graduation was to return to the community where he grew up and serve the people there.

“I know the dreams that I have, and I know how to go about them.” Vivian grew up in a dangerous neighbourhood without her parents, but after registering in Compassion’s program she received the education and support she needed to thrive. Now, she works as a youth leader and administrative assistant for Compassion Tanzania. “If I wasn’t in the program, I wouldn’t be here where I am today,” she says.

“I will restore them because I have compassion on them.” —Zechariah 10:6 (NIV)


Raised so far

By giving a tax-deductible donation today, you can help provide each child with what they need to continue their educational development such as vocational training, university education, supporting materials and new infrastructure, like libraries.

Our local church partners know each individual child’s strengths, struggles and dreams for the future.

They understand their specific education needs—and how meeting those needs can help them overcome poverty.


“When I grow up, I want to be a mechanical engineer. I want to create and manufacture machinery and be able to give work to many people.”

–– Cristofer, 13 years old, Ecuador

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